William Woods sets up Deaf City LEAD event, a town that uses only sign language

William Woods ASL

Earlier this month, William Woods students participated in a LEAD event in an imaginary town called Deaf City where American Sign Language was the only form of communication.

Deaf people from the community volunteered to own and run a model bank, post office, grocery store and more. They greeted and spoke with their “customers” in only sign language.

Hearing students who do not know any ASL and did not have an interpreter attempted to accomplish a list of tasks with fake money. The event served as a great event for Deaf awareness and a way to get students to understand the communication challenges that people face when they do not know a language.

After the event, students stuck around to discuss their experiences in ‘Deaftropolis’, and what they learned about communication challenges Deaf people face every day.

With this walk in another’s shoes, the list of ways you can benefit from a bachelor’s degree in American Sign Language interpretation grows. Increased accessibility for Deaf people has increased demand for certified interpreters. Deaf City shows us the challenges both hearing and Deaf people may face without one.