The benefits to a bachelor’s degree in American Sign Language Interpretation

William Woods ASL

When you first research the Sign Language Interpreter career path, you will quickly find its obvious benefits like the joy of helping others and the satisfaction that comes with mastering such a beautifully complex language.

A bachelors degree in American sign language interpretation means studying the 4th most studied language in the U.S., learning a language that’s used in daily American life, exploring an incredibly rich and artistic culture, and meeting the increased demands of state interpreter certification requirements.

Every year, U.S. News & World Report lists interpreters high on their Best Jobs rankings, but that comes as no surprise to those in the interpreter world.

The compensation-research firm, Payscale, recently surveyed professionals in 454 jobs and identified jobs they dubbed “meaningful” based on whether or not employees felt they were making the world a better place through their profession. Payscale created their Most Meaningful Jobs list by ranking professionals who answered “Very much so” or “yes” to the belief that their job makes the world a better place, then factored in the median annual pay.

Last year, Sign Language Interpreter was at No. 5 on Payscale’s list and – although it’s been placed under a broader umbrella career this year – called Interpreters & Translators – it remains at the top of the chart. (They also created an interactive chart that is pretty cool.)

Opportunities and accommodations for the deaf and hard of hearing are being expanded and utilized every day. Interpreters are in high demand.  ASL interpreters can work in almost every field: with infants; in the community (doctors’ offices, courthouses, hospitals, banks, colleges, more); in elementary, middle and high schools (working one-on-one or teaching a class); working with travel and tourism organizations; concerts and speaking engagements; literary arts and more.

Now more than ever, interpreters are becoming a necessary and valuable resource in every industry. This combination of high demand and job satisfaction makes becoming an ASL interpreter an excellent career decision.